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EasyGo is a European partnership that enables you to use your AutoPASS or BroBizz at several locations in Denmark, Sweden and Norway, as well as on ferry services between Denmark and Germany. You can find the payment points in the EasyGo system at this website by clicking the relevant country map. You can also read more about the partnership.

EasyGo makes it easier to be a traveller. When you arrive at the toll station, just follow the signs for BroBizz or AutoPASS. There’s no need for local currency or credit cards, you only need to be a customer with one service provider. All you do is fix the transponder on your windscreen and then you’re ready to go – it couldn’t be easier!

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Toll road


FerryMols-Linien Odden - Århus
FerryMols-Linien Odden - Ebeltoft
FerryScandlines Elsinore-Helsingborg
BridgeStorebælt Bridge
FerryScandlines Gedser - Rostock
FerryScandlines Rødby - Puttgarden
BridgeTunnelThe Øresund Bridge


Northern Norway
Toll roadFv. 17 Godøystraumen
Toll roadFv. 78 Hjartåsen (Veipakke Helgeland)
Toll roadRv. 80 Strømsnes
Toll roadRv. 80 Vikan (Veipakke Salten)
Toll roadRyaforbindelsen
Mid Norway
Toll roadE39 Øysand-Thamshamn
Toll roadE6 Øst Trondheim-Stjørdal
TunnelFv. 653 Eiksundsambandet
Toll roadBridgeFv. 680 Imarsund link
BridgeFv. 71 Sykkylvsbrua
Toll roadFv. 715 Krinsvatn (Fosenpakken)
Toll roadMiljøpakke Trondheim
Toll roadToll ring in Namsos
Eastern Norway
Toll roadE16 Kløfta-Nybakk
Toll roadE16 Lunner–Gardermoen
Toll roadE18 Aust-Agder
Toll roadE18 Vestfold Sør
Toll roadE18/E6 Østfold
Toll roadE39 Listerpakken
Toll roadE6 Gardermoen–Kolomoen
Toll roadE6 Øyer–Tretten
BridgeFv. 108 Ny Kråkerøyforbindelse
Toll roadFv. 255 Gausdalsvegen
Toll roadFv. 34 Oppland
Toll roadRv. 19 Horten
TunnelRv. 23 Oslofjord-tunnel
Toll roadRv. 4 Oppland
Toll roadRv. 9 Setesdalsveien
Toll roadToll ring at Kristiansand
Toll roadToll ring in Oslo and Bærum
Toll roadToll ring in Tønsberg
BridgeE6 Svinesundsforbindelsen
West Norway
Toll roadBømlopakken
Toll roadE134 Åkrafjorden
TunnelFv. 107 Jondalstunnelen
Toll roadFv. 45 Gjesdal
TunnelFv. 47 T-forbindelsen
Toll roadFv. 519 Finnfast
Toll roadTunnelFv. 544 Halsnøysambandet
TunnelFv. 551 Folgefonntunnelen
Toll roadKvammapakken
BridgeRv. 13 Hardangerbrua
TunnelRv. 55 Fatlatunnelen
Toll roadToll station at Bergen
Toll roadToll station at Nord-Jæren
Toll roadToll stations at Haugesund and Tysvær
Toll roadVossapakko


BridgeE6 Svinesundsforbindelsen
FerryScandlines Helsingborg - Helsingør
BridgeTunnelThe Øresund Bridge


FerryScandlines Gedser - Rostock
FerryScandlines Rødby - Puttgarden


Toll roadToll roads (vehicles over 3.5t)
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