Toll roads (vehicles over 3.5t)


Vehicles with a maximum admissible gross weight of more than 3.5 tonnes have to pay a distance-dependant toll by means of an authorized OBE (e.g. an EasyGo+ OBE).

The distance-dependant toll rates basically differ depending on the number of axles of the vehicle or combination of vehicles and on the relevant toll rate group (EURO emission class):


2 axles

3 axles

4 axles or more

A EURO Emission cat. EURO VI

Day: 0,17800
Night: 0,17840

Day: 0,24983
Night: 0,25075

Day: 0,37436
Night: 0,37552

B EURO Emission cat. EURO V and EEV

Day: 0,19660
Night: 0,19700

Day: 0,27587
Night: 0,27679

Day: 0,40657
Night: 0,40773

C EURO Emission cat. EURO IV

Day: 0,20290
Night: 0,20330

Day: 0,28469
Night: 0,28561

Day: 0,41665
Night: 0,41781

D EURO Emission cat. 0 to III

Day: 0,22290
Night: 0,22330

Day: 0,31269
Night: 0,31361

Day: 0,44865
Night: 0,44891

Rates in EUR per km excl. 20 % VAT

Please keep in mind that a “basic” EasyGo OBE is not an authorized OBE for toll payment in Austria. Furthermore vehicles up to and including 3.5 tonnes need a toll sticker for paying a time-dependant toll on Austria’s motorways and expressways.

Please note that higher kilometre rates, than those stated above, apply:

  • when using so called special toll road sections (on the A 9, A 10, A 11, A 13, S 16),
  • when using the A 12 between the state border near Kufstein and the junction Innsbruck/Amras,
  • when using the A 13 with category 4+ vehicles between the hours of 10.00 p.m. and 5.00 a.m.

A detailed overview of the current toll rates can be found on, where also a toll calculator can be used for calculating the presumable toll charged for travelling between selected on- and off-ramps of the road network. Special toll sections, surcharges and night-tariffs are taken into account.

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