Mols-Linien Odden - Århus

Mols-Linien has the world’s largest fast ferries on the Odden-Ebeltoft and Odden-Aarhus routes in Denmark. The crossing saves you 200 kilometres and takes 55 and 75 minutes respectively. There is free WiFi on board, so you can work effectively and get the most out of your travel time.

With EasyGo you get the best and most flexible type of ticket, Business BlueClass, which gives you numerous benefits and top priority from the moment you arrive until you disembark again:

  • Guaranteed reservation on board, as long as you have checked in no later than five minutes prior to departure
  • No reservation required
  • Express check in
  • Priority boarding and disembarkation for the fast ferry
  • Access to the ferry’s business lounge

When you use EasyGo everyone in the car is welcome in the ferry’s business lounge, where there is extra room and power sockets for your computer.

Please note that EasyGo is only valid for passenger cars.

EasyGo Prices
Passenger incl. max. 9 people850,00 DKK

Drivers info

You must drive into the lane sign posted as pictured left.

Customer service
Phone: +45 70 10 14 18
E-mail customer service

What is an OBE?

OBE is the on board equipment you have received from your service provider, e.g. BroBizz®, ØresundBizz®, AutoBizz, AutoPASS or Go-Box.

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