Mols-Linien Odden - Århus

Mols-Linien’s fast ferries transport passenger cars on the Odden-Århus and Odden-Ebeltoft routes in Denmark.

When using EasyGo, you are entitled to use the company’s VIP class,  Business BlueClass, with a range of special entitlements and advantages.

For instance:

Automatic seat reservation (it is not necessary to reserve seats in advance), you just choose the departure that suits you best.

Access to the special BBC-lounge at Odden ferry port and on board, newspapers, free internet, TV2 News and free coffee-to-go.

EasyGo can also be used to pay for the buffet in the ferry’s restaurant when you pay at the automat on land beforehand. This provides a 5% discount.

You can also sign up for the bonus programme LinieBonus at Mols-Linien which gives you extra points for each journey. Points can, for instance, be used to pay for the on board buffet via the website.

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Please note that EasyGo only applies to passenger cars.

EasyGo Prices
Passenger incl. max. 9 people850,00 DKK

Drivers info

You must drive into the lane sign posted as pictured left.

Customer service
Phone: +45 70 10 14 18
E-mail customer service

About EasyGo

If you have a BroBizz from BroBizz A/S or an ØresundBizz the Øresund Bridge or an AutoPASS from Norway, you can now use it on the Storebælt Bridge, the Øresund Bridge, all AutoPASS systems in Norway and some ferries. You only need to be customer one place.

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