The Øresund Bridge

Foto Stig-Åke Jönsson / Øresundsbron

The Øresund Bridge is the fixed link between Denmark and Sweden from Kastrup to Malmö. The link consists of a 4 km tunnel, a 4 km island and a 8 km bridge. The toll station is on the Swedish side of Øresund.

EasyGo Prices
Cars with/without trailer/caravan and camper van over 6 m118,00 EUR
Buses/Coaches over 9 m250,00 EUR
Lorries 9-20 m194,00 EUR
Lorries over 20 m291,00 EUR
Cars up to 6 m55,00 EUR
Motorcycle30,00 EUR

Drivers info

Passenger cars use the green bizz lanes to the left of the toll station. Lorries and coaches use the green bizz lanes to the right of the toll station. Motorcycles always use the manned yellow lanes.

Customer service

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