E18 Vestfold

There are six toll stations located on an approximately 50 km long stretch of the E18, between Gulli in Tønsberg and the gangway in Porsgrunn. Toll stations are automatic and require tolls in both directions all day, every day.

EasyGo Prices
E18 Skinmo8,10 NOK16,20 NOK
E18 Sky10,80 NOK21,60 NOK
E18 Gulli4,50 NOK9,00 NOK
E18 Ramsum9,90 NOK19,80 NOK
E18 Fokserød5,40 NOK10,80 NOK
E18 Natvall6,30 NOK12,60 NOK

Drivers info

The barrier system is automatic so you don’t need to stop when driving through.

Customer service

Phone: +47 4732808270
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