E39 Listerpakken

E39 Listerpakken has three toll stations; Handeland on E39 between Lyngdal and Kvinesdal and Kollevoll on Amtsvej 43 between Lyngdal and Farsund and at Gjervollstad on Amtsvej 465. The toll stations are automatic and will charge for passing around the clock all days a week. 

EasyGo Prices
E39 Handeland22,50 NOK45,00 NOK
Fv.43 Kollevoll22,50 NOK45,00 NOK
Fv.465 Gjervollstad22,50 NOK45,00 NOK

Drivers info

The toll stations are automatic. There is no need to stop when driving through.

Customer service

Phone: +47 38390003
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