E6 Gardermoen-Moelv

Motorway with barrier system in both directions. Payment is based on the section you drive through. As the barrier system is automatic, you simply drive through.

EasyGo Prices
Hovinmoen - Dal17,10 NOK34,20 NOK
Dal - Boksrud17,10 NOK34,20 NOK
Boksrud - Minnesund13,50 NOK27,00 NOK
Minnesund - Hedmark grense18,00 NOK36,00 NOK
Akershus grense - Skaberud18,90 NOK37,80 NOK
Skaberud - Kolomoen20,70 NOK41,40 NOK

Drivers info

The barrier system is automatic so you don't need to stop when driving through.

Customer service

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