There are road tolls at Haugesund, Karnøy and Tysvær. Tolls are charged in both directions when you pass the toll stations at Karnøy. In and around Haugesund centre, you will be charged on your way out of the town. As the barrier system is automatic, you simply drive through.

EasyGo Prices
Tittelsnesvegen14,00 NOK28,00 NOK
Skeisvollsvegen14,00 NOK28,00 NOK
Liland14,00 NOK28,00 NOK
Hodnafjell14,00 NOK28,00 NOK
Toskatjønn14,00 NOK28,00 NOK
Karmsundsgata14,00 NOK28,00 NOK
Spannavegen14,00 NOK28,00 NOK
Salhusvegen14,00 NOK28,00 NOK
Skjoldavegen14,00 NOK28,00 NOK
Norheim14,00 NOK28,00 NOK
Bygnes14,00 NOK28,00 NOK
Veakrossen14,00 NOK28,00 NOK
Liknes (Åkra sør)14,00 NOK28,00 NOK

Drivers info

The barrier system is automatic so you don’t need to stop when driving through.

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