Trondheim has toll stations at several locations around the centre. All toll stations are automatic so there’s no need to stop when passing through. You pay for the passage in both directions. The prices at the toll facilities vary – also depending on the time of passage.

EasyGo Prices
Thorbjørn Bratts veg, O-snitt8,10 NOK24,30 NOK
Bratsbergveien, O-snitt8,10 NOK24,30 NOK
Tempeveien, O-snitt8,10 NOK24,30 NOK
Bøckmans veg, B-snitt8,10 NOK24,30 NOK
Byåsveien, B-snitt8,10 NOK24,30 NOK
Gamle Oslovei, B-snitt8,10 NOK24,30 NOK
Tonstad, T-snitt8,10 NOK24,30 NOK
Ranheim33,30 NOK66,60 NOK
Leistad16,20 NOK32,40 NOK
Hommelvik16,20 NOK32,40 NOK
Buvika (E39 Øysand)18,00 NOK36,00 NOK
Fv 704 Torgårdsletta. K-snitt9,90 NOK29,70 NOK
Tillerbrua, K-snitt9,90 NOK29,70 NOK
Klett - Rv.707, S-snitt9,90 NOK29,70 NOK
Klett - E6, S-snitt9,90 NOK29,70 NOK
Nedre Leirfoss (Fossestuvegen), M-snitt9,90 NOK29,70 NOK
Bjørndalen (Oslovn.) M-snitt)9,90 NOK19,80 NOK
Nord for Sluppen bru (Tempevn), M-snitt9,90 NOK19,80 NOK
Kroppan bru (Nordgående), M-snitt8,10 NOK40,50 NOK
Kroppan bru (Sørgående), M-snitt8,10 NOK40,50 NOK
Være (Gml. E6), N-snitt9,90 NOK29,70 NOK
Rv 706 Leangensletta, O-snitt8,10 NOK24,30 NOK
Haakon VII s gt , O-snitt8,10 NOK24,30 NOK
Landbruksvegen, O-snitt8,10 NOK24,30 NOK
Tungasletta, O-snitt8,10 NOK24,30 NOK
Moholt, O-snitt8,10 NOK24,30 NOK

Drivers info

The barrier system is automatic so you don’t need to stop when driving through.

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