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Where can I use my EasyGo OBE?

If you have an EasyGo basic OBE, you can use it at all toll stations connected to EasyGo in Norway, Sweden and Denmark as well as on ferries between Sweden and Denmark and between Denmark and Germany.

If you have an EasyGo+ OBE, you can use your OBE at the same toll stations as with EasyGo basic and also in Austria.

For details, see the map and website of each Toll Domain.

Only one OBE per vehicle

With EasyGo you only need one OBE in your vehicle. This means that you need only one transponder for all the partners in the EasyGo partnership.

It is easiest if you acquire a OBE from the issuer that you use most often.

How do I use EasyGo?

If you have OBE you can use EasyGo without taking any further action. EasyGo will be activated with your OBE when used for the first time. You can use the OBE, therefore, at all locations with effect from the following day.

It is important that you read the instructions on how to affix your OBE so you avoid being charged an additional fee.

How do I sign OBE up to EasyGo?

If you have a OBE you can use EasyGo without taking any further action. EasyGo will be activated with your OBE when you use it for the first time. You can use the OBE, therefore, at all locations with effect from the following day.

It is important that you read the instructions on how to affix your OBE so as to avoid being charged an additional fee.


Your Service Provider will invoice you for your EasyGo passages. The invoice will contain details on where and when you have used your OBE.

If you have any queries concerning your account, you should contact your Service Provider for further information – not the operator of the toll station.

Additional fees

If you have been invoiced an additional fee from a Norwegian toll facility, it means that your OBE has been scanned incorrectly.  

This could be because your OBE has been wrongly positioned. You can read more about how to affix your OBE here.

If you wish to complain about the additional fee, please contact the payment point in question. Find the contact details for the specific payment point here!

To avoid additional fees, we recommend that

  • you ensure that your OBE is positioned correctly
  • the credit card registered to your contract is valid
  • there is only one OBE in the car
Unsubscribing to EasyGo

If you do not wish your OBE to be linked to EasyGo, you must contact your issuer to unsubscribe your OBE.

You can still use your OBE at selected payment points by having a special contract with the individual company/payment point.

Special contracts

Special contracts can be set up if you often use other companies/payment point services -not only those of the issuer.

There’s no need to remove EasyGo from your OBE to have a special contract with an individual company/payment point. Your OBE will always automatically be registered with the special contract and not via the EasyGo service.

When you set up a special contract, you receive an invoice from the company/payment point when you use their services and are covered under their terms of contract.

Find contact details for the payment point here!

Who to contact?

Always contact your Service Provider regarding questions concerning a passage, invoicing queries or if you want to change the contract.

Positioning of OBE

It is important that you affix your OBE correctly!

The OBE should be placed in its holder on the windscreen behind the rear-view mirror. In high vehicles, such as lorries and buses, the OBE should be placed at the bottom of the windscreen. When your OBE is affixed correctly, the toll station will register the signal and you will avoid being wrongly charged and prevent any incidents at the barrier.

Some windscreens have a granulated area behind the rear-view mirror. Such windscreens have a heat insulating film except in the granulated area. The film weakens the signal from the OBE, which is why the OBEmust be placed in the granulated area where there is no insulation. In some instances, the OBE’s suction cups may not stick to the granulated area, in which case it should be placed as closely as possible to the granulated area.

How to mount the OBE correctly?

The OBE must be mounted in accordance with the instruction handed over together with the OBE.

Is it allowed to have more OBEs in the vehicle?

No, it is not allowed to have more OBEs in the vehicle. If you have more than one OBE in your car, you may be charged twice

May the OBE be moved from vehicle to vehicle?

As the OBE is personalized for the vehicle with registration number, environmental class etc., it is not possible to move the OBE to another vehicle.

What has to be “keyed in” on the EasyGo+ OBE?

When driving in Austria, the driver must always key in the number of axles of the vehicle on the OBE.

What if the EasyGo+ OBE does not function when driving in Austria?

If the OBE does not function, the driver must immediately (respectively within 5 hours and 100 km) contact a “Go Sales Point” situated along the Austrian motorways.

What is a “Vehicle Declaration” and what is the purpose of it?

A “Vehicle Declaration” is a document that you always have to keep in the vehicle together with the OBE when travelling in Austria or Slovenia. If your vehicle is stopped on one of the Austrian or Slovenian motorways, you must show your “Vehicle Declaration” on demand.

Who can use the EasyGo+ service?

The EasyGo+ service is adapted for vehicles above 3,5 t. EasyGo+ and can be used at all EasyGo Toll Domains.

Will the drives in Austria be invoiced including VAT?

The passages in Austria will be invoiced including VAT. Subsequently, the customer has to apply for refund of the VAT in Austria.