Storebælt Bridge


The Great Belt Bridge links East and West Denmark, from Halsskov on Zealand to Knudshoved at Funen. The Storebælt Bridge is a motorway, which is open 24 hours a day. The toll station is located at Halsskov on Zealand.

On the Great Belt Bridge you can use an OBE from an issuer who has an agreement with the Great Belt. See list or contact your OBE issuer for more information

You will be charged the applicable price according to the type of vehicle you have.

It is possible to obtain a discount of up to 20% on the payment to cross the Great Belt Bridge if you have entered into a local agreement with the Great Belt in advance.

Make a local agreement via

If you have an OBE other than ØresundBizz and Autobizz, you can call Customer Service on +45 7015 1015.

See more info about the vehicletypes and prices:

See the total private price overview here.

See the total business price overview here.


EasyGo Prices
Passenger cars 3-6 m (total weight max 3,500 kg)245,00 DKK
Citycar, cabin-scooter etc. up to 3 m 130,00 DKK
Passenger cars with trailer up to 6 m total length245,00 DKK
Passenger cars with trailer over 6 m total length375,00 DKK
Camper vans up to 6 m – max. 3,500 kg245,00 DKK
Camper vans over 6 m - max 3,500 kg375,00 DKK
Camper vans over 3,500 kg up to 10 m610,00 DKK
Camper vans over 3,500 kg and over 10 m965,00 DKK
Vans up to 6 m245,00 DKK
Vans over 6 m and under 2.7 m in height375,00 DKK
Vans over 6 m and over 2.7 m in height610,00 DKK
Lorries less than 10 m610,00 DKK
Lorries 10-20 m965,00 DKK
Lories over 20 m and up to 100 t21450,00 DKK
Abnormal loads4965,00 DKK
Buses/Coaches under 6 m245,00 DKK
Buses over 6 m and below 2.7 m high375,00 DKK
Buses 6-10 m and over 2.7 m high610,00 DKK
Buses over 10 m and over 2.7 m high965,00 DKK

Drivers info

You should use the green ekspres lanes. The barrier opens automatically once your OBE has been read. Autocampers cannot use OBE lanes, but you can pay with your OBE in the manned lanes. For their own safety, motorcylists are not allowed to use green ekspres lanes.

Customer service

Phone: +45 7015 1015
Visit the website