Bomringen i Kristiansand


Kristiansand is surrounded by a toll ring. You are only charged when you enter the centre. The toll stations are located at the entry roads to Kristiansand. As the barrier system is automatic, you simply drive through

EasyGo in Norway

AutoPass is the Norwegian system for payment on roads, ferries, bridges, etc. If you have an OBE from a Norwegian toll service provider, BroBizz or the Øresund Bridge, you are automatically in EasyGo and will always get the same and best price when you pass a payment system in Norway.

You do not need to do anything to get the AutoPass prices EasyGo as long as you place your OBE in the windscreen.

You can find the prices of this payment facility here.

Note that you should always look for the price of an AutoPass agreement, unless the EasyGo price is shown.


Drivers info

As the barrier system is automatic, you simply drive through.

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