EasyGo+ is a cross-border toll collection service allowing drivers of vehicles over 3.5 tons to pay tolls in Austria, Denmark, Sweden and Norway, using only one OBE in all four countries.

This is an optional service, meaning that you decide if you need it or not.

Benefits for you:

  • One OBE in four countries
  • One OBE per number plate –  this OBE is personalised with the vehicle characteristics
  • One contract partner - your Toll Service Provider - handling all customer issues for you
  • One invoice for road and ferry fees
  • Easy-to-pass toll stations
  • Save time on administrative work

EasyGo+ is in the forefront of the European development demonstrating the possibility of implementing a pan-European tolling service with only one contract.

EasyGo+ is specifically designed for all vehicles over 3.5 tons driving in Austria, Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

The differences from the EasyGo Basic service between the Scandinavian countries are as follows:

  • All OBEs in vehicles over 3.5 tons have the number plate number, nationality and Euro emission category personalised in the OBE
  • The number of axles has to be set on the OBE by the driver to indicate the correct number of axles when driving in Austria.

To receive information about the EasyGo+ service, click here to see a list of Service Providers.