EasyGo is a cooperation between toll chargers. A toll charger can join EasyGo in two ways:

As a general party which will have a seat in the EasyGo steering committee and pay a share of the fixed costs of EasyGo.

As a limited party which will not have a seat in the steering committee and not pay any part of the fixed costs.

All parties exchanging data via the EasyGo HUB are committed to the specifications and principles of EasyGo through affiliation agreements.

If a toll charger likes to hear more about how to be a partner in EasyGo please contact the EasyGo office at:

Please notice that if you have questions regarding your OBE, please contact the service provider who issued the OBE to you.

If you want an OBE connected to EasyGo, please contact the EETS provider who is operating in your country/area.

If you are an EETS Provider and want to be connected to a one of the toll chargers, you must contact the toll charger directly.

For more information please read this document 901 regarding EasyGo - Interoperable tolling across Europe.

The EasyGo Joint Venture includes the following parties: